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Every Door Direct Mail

Usually when organizations, political campaigns, and businesses want to reach more customers, they leverage the reach of traditional media. Billboards and large-format printing is one way to promote to the masses in a geographic area. Radio, TV, and postal mail are mass media channels capable of covering more ground and spreading a message quickly. While TV and radio can be costly, direct mail costs can be controlled and scale larger as revenue increases. Prior to Every Door Direct Mail, the United States Post Office required your postcard or flyer be affixed with the names and addresses of specific households that you wished to mail. Then the Every Door Direct Mail program was created and made this process much easier. This direct mail campaign simplified the process by allowing you to choose certain zip codes and mail to all households in a specific area. Every Door Direct Mail eliminates the expense of buying a list and having thousands of unique names printed on each of your postcards. Choose from our list of popular postcard sizes, identify your target zip codes, and in no time you can have your message delivered to all homes in an area. Our customer reps can answer any of your questions about the direct mail mail process, choosing the right size, or ordering business cards to be included in your mailing. Flyers ASAP is your printing team that's dedicated to making your promotions and marketing process stress free. Get in contact wit us today!